Did you know...???

  • You should treat tree-ripened peaches VERY gently--no squeezing or poking please! And don't put anything heavy directly on top of them.  Tree-ripened peaches are delicate and  bruise easily. 

  • As peaches ripen, the green color around the stem turns yellow--an important sign that the fruit is ripe! 

  • To best extend the shelf-life of your peaches, store them in a brown bag on the counter or in the case box in a cool (not cold) place.

  • Leave unripened fruits and vegetables on your counter until they are ripe. Only then put them in the fridge to extend their shelf life.
  • You can freeze peaches whole to preserve them.  It's true! 
    --Put dry peaches in freezer bags and put them in the freezer.  When you're ready to eat them, just take them out and put them on the counter about 30 mins. before you want to eat them (or put in microwave for 10-15 secs.).  The skins will slide right off.  Cut them up and enjoy!  Note: thawed peaches need to be eaten/used right away!

  • The soil, water, and altitude fruits and vegetables are grown in affects their flavor.   Yep.  Our peaches from the Cunningham Orchards in Palisade, Colo. are grown in nutrient-rich volcanic soil in the highest altitude orchards in the U.S.  It takes longer for the peaches to grow and ripen, which means...

  • The longer fruit stays on the trees, the sweeter it is.  That's why peaches from Colorado's Western Slope are so sweet!  The high altitude means cooler temperatures, which means a single, long growing season, therefore the sugars have longer to develop in the meat of the fruit.  Yum!!!

  • Our peaches are picked a day before we pick them up each week and bring them to you.  Now that's fresh!

  • We work mainly with one orchard and three farms to help guarantee the consistently best fresh fruits and vegetables for you.

To save trees and landfills and to save our farmers (and our customers) money, we take our produce boxes back to the farms. The farmers will use the same boxes over and over again until they're worn out.

Tomato boxes filled with apricots at Mt. Garfield. Ready for their trip to Wyoming.
Stacks of empty tomato boxes returned to our farmers to re-use. Conserve our environment! Save money!

When you support us, you support Wyoming and your community.

We are a native Wyoming family.  Most other roadside vendors (be it produce, stickers, blankets, etc.) take your money and leave Wyoming. When you buy from Pat's Peaches 'n Produce, all the proceeds from your purchases stay in Wyoming and employ Wyoming people, usually from the town the stand is in.  Great food. Great people. Great State.