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Yes!  The peaches are coming soon!

But it wouldn't be 2020 if there weren't some bad news, too.  

A late frost in April wiped out the cherry and apricot crops and the majority of this year's peach crop on Colorado's Western Slope.   So we won't have Colorado apricots or cherries.   If we can find some good apricots and cherries from somewhere else, we'll bring them.

Because of our long-standing relationship with our peach grower, however, we will have his fabulous peaches for you!  Just be aware the prices will need to increase a bit this year to keep his orchards going until next year.  Between the effects of  the pandemic and the freeze, he's struggling on two fronts.  

We visited some of the melon and vegetable fields recently, and those crops are doing fine so far.  We'll post some pics soon.

We're looking at a July 24th weekend to start the season. If it starts sooner, we'll let you know here and on Facebook.

                    --The Sherwoods

The peaches are coming!
The peaches are coming...!

They're in early this year.  :)

Casper and Gillette:  Fridays & Saturdays beginning July 18 & 19 

Douglas:  Sundays beginning July 20

Glenrock:  Mondays beginning July 21


 Butternut and spaghetti squash are being harvested, and we will have them at our stands this weekend! 

The end is near...!

The end of the season, that is.

The O'Henry peaches are coming
this weekend and that means the end
of peach season is at hand.

The good news is, these peaches have "long legs" (that's farmer-speak for they have a naturally long shelf life).  
So buy extra to last you well into October.

See our Selling Dates & Places page to learn more about where to get these delicious peaches before they're all gone!

We are hoping the winter squash will be able to be harvested before our last weekend.  Stay tuned...!

Peach Shortage This Weekend!!!

Only one stand open: Gillette, on Friday Aug. 3, 8am-sold out.

The high heat has caused the peach trees to go into survival mode, which stops the ripening process.  Now that we've had some day of cooler nights, the trees are "rebooting" and a veritable plethora of amazing peaches will be available next week.

All pre-orders taken by Aug. 1 will be filled this weekend.  We will contact those customers individually.  We are unable to take pre-orders for this weekend, but will happily take pre-orders for future weekends.

Sorry for the inconvenience.  Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Palisade Peach Season has arrived!

Next weekend will be our first market of the season!

Our Casper and Gillette stands will be open from 8am-6pm Friday, July 13 and Saturday the 14th from--if we're not sold out. The following weekend, we will launch our Glenrock and Douglas stands also.

The other, various crops are just now coming into harvest, so our offering will be limited to those that are ready: early sweet corn, 3 or 4 kinds of summer squash, California red and white small potatoes, green tomatoes, and SOME: pickles, cucumbers, green beans, beets, and slicing tomatoes. We will try to get some big zucchini also. Look for our special honey; basil-vinegarette marinade/dressing; and homemade jellies again.

For questions and special orders, please call Pat at (307) 258-5163 and we will be happy to get you what you want as it becomes available.

Thank you for being our customer, and have a great weekend! We hope to see you at the stands next weekend!


The peaches are here! (...kind of)

       Peach season has started, but due to weather conditions, we only have limited quantities of peaches available.

Look for our yellow & black signs
in Casper, Gillette, Douglas,
and Glenrock and come early!